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Historical Analysis Essay

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Historical Analysis Essay
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During the 18th and 19th centuries, millions of Irish people emigrated to the United States of America. Although many would argue that the influx of Irish migration had created an increase in hardship among Americans, the research shows that the difficulty they encountered was after their arrival to the United States of America. This discussion focuses on the cause course and the consequences of the Irish migration to USA.
Reasons for their migration
A total of 4.5 million Irish migrated to the USA in search for survival because of the potato famine, starvation, and diseases in their homeland that were killing millions of people. This factor was contributed by the increased political instability in the country that cherishes dictatorship in the country. At the time the revolution failed, most of the migrants wanted to escape the political instability that was in the state. The USA was the best destiny for them since it was relatively peaceful and it was believed to be land of opportunity. It was a motivational factor for the massive migration in the USA.
Further research shows they were aggressive people that were very disruptive in the community. The Irish migrated and worked for less than minimum wages and dealt with unsatisfactory living conditions in their quest for survival and a better life, but they were looked upon as a disruptive bunch. Thus, when Irish immigrants came to the United St…

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