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Hillary Clinton

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Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks
In 2014, there occurred the biggest photo leaks in the modern history. However, many women celebrities were the victims of over two hundred pictures that were leaked onto the internet. These photos of women celebrities who are seen to have unclothed or posing in various states of undress were obtained by hacking the Icloud and posted on Reddit. Some of the well-known victims of the incident include Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, McKayla Maroney and Kirsten Dunst. Unfortunately, this nude photo hacking incident was not the first of the last to occur, since there have been more celebrity photo leaks recently and “revenge porn” has also become a rapid part of the modern culture. The rise of social media such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, has facilitated the rise of these sex crimes since they have provided a platform in which these photos can be accessed easily and the nonconsensual distribution of these nude pictures taken by the individual celebrities (Meyer, 21).
The digital presence has become a very important aspect in the modern world and hence the fallout from the nude photo hacking is drastic for the women celebrities that are involved. The issue of privacy has been put on the spotlight due to the use of the new forms of technological communication to illegally spread the nude photographs for specific persons (Meyer, 43). This idea that the modern society has granted more privilege to ma…

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