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High School Diploma

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A High School Diploma Is Important to My Future
Students who acquire their high school diploma develop an excellent personal relationship with their family members. They are considered not a source of embarrassment and disappointment to the family and society at large (Bridgeland et al., 30). Also, the high school diploma promotes morality as well as the student’s conversation and critical thinking skills in life. Moreover, when looking for a job, the diploma comes in handy and considered by employers as an essential proof that someone has gone to school and acquired high school education. Incentives given in workplaces are also based on whether an employee has qualified to this level of education in life (Bridgeland et al., 32). This diploma, therefore, is a crucial component in the advancement of any career. Additionally, completing my high school education will help promote the circle of life. One can become a role model to his or her children in the future.
Bridgeland, John M., John J. DiIulio Jr, and Karen Burke Morison. “The silent epidemic: Perspectives of high school dropouts.” Civic Enterprises (2006).

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