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high performance team

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High-performance teams and Leadership

High-performance teams and Leadership
A high-performance team refers to a team, organization or a virtual group that is focused on the set goals which will help it in achieving superior results. A high-performance team does not just complete a given task. It completes its efficiently and works smart instead of working hard thus improving the efficiency and values of the organization. It is characterized by the outstanding success which surpasses expectations. There is a need for organizations to incorporate high-performance teams in their structure.
Various factors are considered when developing leadership strategies. According to Raes et al. (2013), some of the factors include support of the organization’s management, available resources, time available, the set objectives and the type of members involved. These factors should be given consideration to ensure the strategies are successful. Also, an organization should ensure that the leadership strategies are in line with the organization’s objectives.
Organizations have been changing how they structure themselves for business — most institutions whether nonprofit agencies, learning institutions, governmental entities or even corporations have shifted toward team-based approaches by moving from traditional hierarchical work structures. When organizations create high-performance teams in today’s competitive environment, there is increased productivity …

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