Hieronymus Bosch: Garden of Earthly Delights

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Hieronymus Bosch: Garden of Earthly Delights

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History Of Western Art: Analytical VS Synthetic Cubism
Cubism is a visual arts style invented and popularized in the 20th century. Its creation has been credited to two artists, Pablo Picasso, and Georges Braque. Pablo was of Spanish descent while Braque was of French descent. The created the visual art style of cubism between 1907 and 1914 in Paris, France. When the art style was created, it did not immediately get the label for which it is popularly known today. The cubism was a term that was coined by a French art critic known as Louis Vauxcelles. Louis noticed that the works of art by Braque and Pablowere highly abstracted and had distinct features from the traditional art styles. The art works had geometrical shapes, and Louis concluded that cubes were the predominant shape in the art style (Barr 1).
Up until the point of cubism creation, European painters had inherited a concept in which they believed that art should copy nature. Cubism introduced a new art concept. The previous form of art was one-dimensional while the abstract nature of Cubism was achieved through two-dimensional art.Fractured objects in an art piece were reduced into different geometrical forms and these forms were subsequently realigned within shallow spaces.Multiple and contrasting vantage points were also used by the early cubic painters as they sought to diversify the art style. In the early cubist painting, between the period of 1907- 1910…

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