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In the course of the novel, the author describes various interactions between Anne, an extraterrestrial alien in the body of a twelve-year-old human girl and also known as Vierran, and other characters. Often, the author invites the readers into alternative realms from where they can decipher the unconscious and supernatural goings-on. From these instances, the readers cannot only see a character’s unconscious self but how this affects their personality as well as, other ways in which it manifests itself. This is evident through Ann. By way of visions, it is obvious that her unconscious is dominated by imagery of her alternate self as Vierran which impacts positively on her. Especially in the sense that having existed as Vierran, an indentured servant, Ann exhibits a growing appetite for freedom.
It is noteworthy that the author employs the use of symbolism in this novel. Through this, Ann can read into the personal fears and desires of some of the items with which she interacts. For instance, she communicates with the Bannus. The archetypal meaning if this is a desire for revenge and fear of status quo. She also interacts with Hexwood estate itself, the archetypal meaning of which is the vast possibilities, which may lie in any such farm. Another item with whom she interacts is the Window to Hexwood farm. This interaction is symbolic of her desire to be free. The author describes her interaction with the woods as well. This interaction is…

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