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John Campbell presents the account of a hero as one that is characterized by defined stages in the book “The Hero with a thousand faces.” Three main stages every hero has to go through are the departure, their initiation and finally their return. Departure, which precedes the other stages is crucial towards the definition of the hero’s destiny.
The departure stage is further subdivided into three stages, all which collectively mark the beginning of a journey towards greatness. To begin with, the hero starts with an adventure. At this stage, the hero is initiated into an adventure through an extraordinary event or a call by a messenger. A spectacular show has to be put on at this stage bearing in mind that a superhero is about to begin their journey. The hero is expected to either accept or decline the call.
Once the hero has accepted the call, they are ready to move to the next stage in which they get supernatural help (Campbell 61). This stage comes with the hero getting their guide who presents them with the instructions to chart their way forward, and presents them with a talisman to enable them to concur their enemies. At other times, the hero may not be in full control of their talisman, but they can become acquainted with their magical source of help.
The final stage of departure is all about the hero crossing the first threshold (Campbell 71). This is the point at which the hero leaves the daily limits of their…

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