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Hello Choco
Hello, Choco is a gourmet coffee manufacturer founded in the year 2000 in Australia. The company has factories based in Victoria’s wine region of Yarra Valley where they focus on processing chocolate products that are both partly and exclusively handmade as well as machine made. Dark chocolate is the products chosen for promotional activity.
Planning for the promotional activities included prior consultations both internally and externally. The former involved aligning objectives and views of the marketing, customer and accounting departments. External engagement involved providers of event management, who will offer an insight of the resources required.
Legislation and regulation touching on our company’s promotional and marketing plan are the Consumer and Competition Act of 2010, Australia New Zealand Food Standard Code, Australian Association of National Advertisers Food and Beverages, Advertising and Marketing Communication Code, Internet Advertising Networks of Australia Code of Conduct and Broadcasting Service Act (1992).
The required workplace documentation were, an action plan, budget and delegations documents with the actual event serving as the sole promotional activity. For the event to be a success, we had hosts, bartenders, waiters, customer service and marketing staff. The product targeted for promotion, Dark Chocolate, was in supply and there was furniture.
A review of the promotional event includes a segmenting of the objectives and goal…

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