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Healthcare Laws
Institution Affiliation

Healthcare plays a critical role in enhancing the quality of life of people. However, various healthcare laws are available that govern the administration and the delivery of the healthcare services. Affordable healthcare act is an example of healthcare laws. The different primary sources of law are apparent in the paper. The constitution, court decisions, statutes as well as the administrative law is the primary sources of law.
The constitutional structure can be written or unwritten depending on the country. Equality in the healthcare service is an apparent human right. Social discrimination is not encouraged in the constitution in the aspect of healthcare delivery. Administrative laws are also essential in defining how an institution should execute its mandates. The bill establishes the commission board of a particular body that can manage an organization. The paper explores the primary sources of law about the healthcare. Examples of the healthcare laws are also apparent in the paper.
A primary source of the law entails the law statement from the government entity for instance legislature. The healthcare laws are critical in defining the healthcare service provision (Barabas, 2002). Courte decisions including the opinions on affordable healthcare are also forms of the law. The various types of primary sources of law include the constitution as well as the court decisions. The regulatio…

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