Healthcare ethical processes in organizations

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Healthcare ethical processes in organizations

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Response 1 Healthcare Ethical Processes in Organizations
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Response 1 Healthcare Ethical Processes in Organizations
Healthcare has experienced a controversial ethical experience since the dawn of time. It is notable that different patients have different spirituals beliefs, come from different cultural backgrounds and subscribe to different beliefs. This factor has made it challenging for healthcare practitioners to offer quality care to patients (Pozgar, 2011). Apparently, the ethical dilemma makes the patients or their close relatives to disagree with the healthcare practitioner strongly. Both parties believe that their opinions are for the patient’s best interest.
The different parties should reach a consensus on the approach to be used to take care of the patient (Young, 2010). Patient and their family members should respect opinions and suggestions made by medical practitioner since they are qualified to offer the best services and it is within their jurisdiction and mandate to ensure quality services. On the same note, it is commendable for the medical practitioner to consider the spiritual beliefs, culture as well as religious maxims of the patients and their families (Pozgar & Santucci, 2009). While discussing with the patients and their relatives about what is best for the patients, they should ensure that they make them understand their decision.
Healthcare providers should strictly emp…

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