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“Clash Over Abortion Hobbles A Health Bill. Again. Here’s How” by Julie Rovner
The main parties in the policy under review are legislators affiliated to the various political sides. This article reviews the continuous tribulation faced in the implementation of the affordable care act (ACA). This bill was passed in 2009 and has already gone through 31 reductions by the House of Representatives (Rovner, 2018). There are various factors that are in contentions. Ideally, the Republican-leaning representatives have tried to repeal the act in its entirety. However, this was unsuccessful in 2017. The houses have resulted in an attempt to change the controversial clauses. The most controversial clause is the issue of funding abortion procedures. Democrats have attempted to eliminate all restrictions to abortion arguing that is unjust to low-income families who cannot afford an abortion. On the other hand, the Republican side would like to incorporate the Hyde Amendment as a permanent legislation rather than as an executive order. The Hyde Amendment is a provision that ensures that public funds are not used to fund abortion procedures (Rovner, 2018). This is an ongoing challenge through which the Democrats hope to eliminate abortion restrictions and the Republican aim to ensure publican funds are not used for abortion. It affects all states since it impacts on a federal policy.
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