Health Information Systems

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Health Information Systems

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Health Information Systems
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Health Information Systems
Over the last decade, medical beds have changed from an aesthetic, technological and functionality perspective. Smart beds are significant for three things namely; patient care solutions, monitoring, and assistance (Ghersi, Marino & Miralles, 2018). These beds have raised technological awareness, and the article research shows that the acceptance of smart beds will continue to grow over time. Research reveals that the future of smart beds is dependent on the continuous enhancement of technologies connected to the healthcare environment (Oberlin & Mouquet, 2008). It is essential to understand that the healthcare department focuses on making changes every day, as they want to make patients’ lives easier. A smart bed is reliable and helps medical practitioners integrate solutions for patients based on a multidisciplinary and comprehensive design procedure. This article contributes to give an understanding of the technological changes taking place in the healthcare department, to ensure that they provide patients with the best care, hence giving them a chance to speed recovery.
The article evaluates 85 manufacturers and distributors of medical beds in Europe, America, and Asia. There have innovations made to the bed designs to accommodate the technological changes required. This is a productive change as it helps hospitals to stay updated, hence meeting the needs of their patients…

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