Health Information Security

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Health Information Security

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Health Information Security
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HIPPA is responsible for the provision of security and privacy in healthcare more so concerning the patients’ medical information. As a result of these data, the following are recommended to be applied in the healthcare departments to enhance the security to the medical information in the healthcare.
The supervisors in the departments should ensure that there is a stricter technical requirement. The rigorous technical requirement would involve making sure that there are special protection and physical protection provided to the computer devices as required. For instance, some of the parts of the computer devices should not be moved around in the healthcare and also the system should not accept any external devices such as hard disk used on them to share information

The supervisor should make sure that o employee is allowed to write down the passwords that they will be using in the workstation (Krisby, 2018). These passwords should be crammed by the user to prevent an unauthorized individual from getting access to the data from the system or getting these passwords.
The supervisors should be keen and observant on the system security alerts. This will usually happen whenever an unauthorized individual is trying to gain access to the system.
The department should ensure that the data-at-rest is appropriately stored in clean devices that are free from virus and other malware that may interfere…

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