Health Disparities and Inequalities Report

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Health Disparities and Inequalities Report

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Health Disparities and Inequalities Report
This letter is addressed to the Department of Motor Vehicle and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which is an executive branch of the Department of Transport. The contents of the document are meant to shed light on the increasing cases of motor vehicle-related incidences on American roads. It has been noted through the Health Disparities and Inequalities Report sponsored by the CDC that there appear to be some anomalies when the deaths by motor vehicle are analyzed.
According to the report, the minorities groups are the worst affected considering the evidence-based information that collected from the relevant institutions (People 6). A survey conducted by the CDC revealed that American Natives topped the list of casualties with the Black American community following suit. There is the need for an implementation of strategies to remedy the situation and ensure the safety of all citizens on American roads.
A comprehensive plan should be drafted whereby the DMV should embark on a mission of reviewing the driving licenses of some of the drivers from the affected ethnic groups. Those who are not qualified or otherwise deemed unfit to be driving on the roads should have their licenses suspended until further notice. On the other hand, government-sponsored education programs should be commissioned to create awareness on the importance of safety …

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