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health care control

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(1) A control mechanism that display the status of the accomplishment of routinely scheduled preventive maintenance activities by the plant engineering department.
A reliable quality characteristic that fits this task is understandability. However, it provides control devices such as graphs and charts. As such, this will show the progress covered in the relevant department has covered on the routine. Health care systems can use the Gantt chart to track the progress of the preventative maintenance schedule since it will assist in monitoring the progress of the task that have been assigned. It also helps in improving the scheduling of routine maintenance activities and is cost effective since schedules are shortened.
(2)A control mechanism that helps to track the number of repeat patient chart requests fulfilled beyond a stated two-hour response time limit.
Timeliness is suitable for performing this task efficiently. This is due to its ability to reflect deviations from the standard at an initial phase, creating a small time interval between recognition and the start of the corrective measure. However, a histogram can be used to track this characteristic of control measure. Though many other charts can be used, health care systems should have a way to track the frequency of requesting or accessing a patient chart.
(3)A control mechanism that follow the processing of a letter of complaint from its initial receipt to the disposition of the problem.
Adequate control ch…

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