Health Care and Indusrty

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Health Care and Indusrty

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Management In Health Care and Industry
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Management In Health Care and Industry
There is an argument on whether a management approach used in a factory can be applied in a healthcare organization. The management process and environment is a contentious issue. There are multiple similarities and differences between management in healthcare and industries like manufacturing and financial. The modern healthcare is like a business with more concern for improved outcomes and performance. There are multiple business functions which are needed for proper healthcare delivery. Marketing and competition are more vital due to an increased number of for-profit hospitals. On the other hand, healthcare is a professionally unique field with special needs.
Healthcare is similar to industries like hotels in terms of customer satisfaction. Hospital management is more concerned about the satisfaction of patients. Just like a hotel or aviation industry, healthcare organizations vary in size, settings and quality. They have a certain organizational hierarchy which depends on responsibilities. For-profit hospital leadership and management strives to provide a better customer experience (Zygourakis 2014). Like the airline industry, healthcare management is responsible for providing a quality working and service environment. Both manufacturing and healthcare industry seek to reduce errors to obtain a flawless product and a better patient ou…

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