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Health Care

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The three branches of the Federal Government play a different role in the advancement of health care delivery in the country. The legislative branch is involved in the making of laws relating to health care (Riegelman & Kirkwood, 2015). On the other hand, the executive and the judiciary executes and evaluates the various laws. Of the three branches, the legislative has the most significant care power in influencing the direction of health care delivery. According to Larrat, Marcoux, and Vogenberg (2012), the legislative branch has the authority to see through different acts that affect the healthcare delivery.
Lawmakers have an opportunity to come up with laws that benefit the citizens, as far as access and delivery of healthcare services is concerned. For instance, the Affordable Care Act as noted by Dooley (2014), why was one of the sweeping laws that significantly affected the American Health System was approved by the legislative branch. The power of the Congress is also manifest in its power to override the executive in the operationalization of the laws in the country.
State governments play regulatory in the healthcare system. States ensure that health care organizations and providers meet the requirements as stipulated in the law. They ensure that insurance companies and learning institutions meet various provisions of the law. The most critical role of the state governments is the provision of funds required for th…

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