Health and Well Being

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Health and Well Being

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Health, Safety, and Compensation
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Citation Danna, K., & Griffin, R. (1999). Health and Well-Being in the Workplace: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature. Journal Of Management, 25(3), 357-384. doi: 10.1177/014920639902500305
Annotation/Summary The article provided is a management journal by Danny and Griffin addressing health and well-being in the workplace today. The scope of the journal extends to outlining the primary factors linked to both the terminologies and how employee health and well-being can be improved in the organization. The argument that is prominent in this text is what follows suit in the scenario is when employee health and well-being is not being adhered to hence leading to very poor levels of both. In order to determine the state of employee wellbeing and health in an organization, the befitting research methods are the use of survey through questionnaires. A conclusion has been made that to improve health and well-being employers should increase their healthcare coverage and putting in place programs for fostering safety of the employees (Danna & Griffin, 1999).
Evaluation The journal is reliable as it has been approved by the Texas University and it will be important for my research as it offers relevant information on the detrimental issues of not adhering to employee health and wellbeing and how to improve on the same. However, this text is only limited to general employee coverage and does not deal wi…

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