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Headache is regarded as the pain that is experienced in the neck region as well as the head. A headache may itself be a disorder or come as a result of an underlying medical condition. A nursing practitioner has to understand that headache is one of the most common ailment in the human history. The major categories of headaches that are known are termed as the primary and the secondary. The category of the primary is the headache that is not caused by any other underlying medical condition. A primary headache is said to include a migraine, cluster, and the tension headache. On the other hand, the secondary headache includes a headache that comes as a result of another underlying medical condition. For instance, individuals suffering from meningitis, brain tumor, and head trauma among other may experience a series of a secondary headache.
Establishing the types of a headache a patient is suffering from is an important role that a nurse practitioner must establish before establishing the course of action. Studies have revealed that 90% of all the headaches faced are primary while the secondary headaches account for only 10% of the headaches faced (Jackson et al., 2015). The commonly experienced forms of headaches that the nurses may encounter are the migraines, cluster headaches, and the tension related headaches. All these types of headaches are primary headaches that occur without any form of the…

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