Head Start Long Term Effect

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Head Start Long Term Effect

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Head Start Long Term Effects
Head Start Long Term Effects
Head start is a program run by the department of health and human services in the United States with the aim of enhancing the cognitive and social development of children from poor families. The program was initially started to take care of the disadvantaged, handicapped children, but later embraced a wider range of needy children (Zigler & Styfco, 2010). As a result, the program includes physical development practices that help the handicapped children and their parents to grow at the same pace with their counterparts. Further, the program ensures an ideal environment for the children to foster cognitive and social skills development. Early childhood education, nutrition, healthy practices, and parent involvement in child development are some of the specific practices that are carried out in any head start the program (Smith, 2012). The viability and the effectiveness of the head start the program, however, has been a contentious issue in the United States (Ehlers, 2008). Therefore, the current paper seeks to outline the long-term effects of the head start program that are exhibited by various beneficiaries of the program from varied backgrounds.
Research indicates that white students who participate in the head start programs are likely to finish high school and join colleges in the future (Ludwig & Miller, 2007). In most cases, kids from financially disadvantaged families do n…

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