Head Start Educating the whole body

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Head Start Educating the whole body

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Head Start Educating the whole body
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The switch to elementary school from preschool imposes various growth related problems that demand that children engage effectively with their fellow children outside their usual family boundaries as well as adjusting to the classroom space. Initially, the Head Start program was envisaged as summer school project that would educate children from poor backgrounds for some few weeks only information that they needed to grasps before beginning their classes in an elementary school (Wasik, Bond and Hindman, 2006).
Extended Benefits
However, this program later expanded, notably through the 1981 Head Start Act. It was subjected to another revision in late 2007, and to this day, it has emerged as one of the longest-running programs that attempt to tackle the impacts of complete poverty in the country through an intervention in providing aid to children from poor backgrounds. According to Lambert, Abbott-Shim and Oxford-Wright (2001), more than 30 million children have benefitted and participated from the program. The effectiveness has been a subject of intense debate with the proponents alluding to certain obvious benefits that have been realized from the programs, while the opponents have pointed out that the outcomes from the program have been colossal failures, enough to merit its abolition.
Wholesome Development
The development of a child’s brain and the manner in which a child learns…

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