hate speech.

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hate speech.

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The writer of the article ‘the case for restricting hate speech’ depicts the physical, mental and emotional harm brought about by hate speech. Regulations have been established allowing for the freedom of speech, as is not the case with hate speech that is generally ignored as trivial (“Los Angeles Times”). Courts have protected the freedom to expression rather than consider the real effects of hate speech thus undermining equality within the society (“Los Angeles Times”). She uses the example where it is prohibited by states and the government for a person to ask for money in the streets protecting commuters and tourists from aggressive requests for money, while women and other groups regarded lowly in the streets are not protected. It shows that those protected from beggars in the streets suffer from more harm than those demeaned in the streets, which is the irony of reality. She thus says that when people have the freedom to hate, the marginalized groups indeed suffer (“Los Angeles Times”).
The writer of the article ‘if we silence hate speech, will we silence resistance,’ depicts the term hate speech as a tool that can be used to fight against the fight against hate speech itself (Nielson). The tool as described by the author can be used in the battle against radical changes thus hindering justice itself. He uses the example of the black lives matter movement formed to fight against police violence on the…

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