HANDS-ON Activity #5 And …. ACTION!

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HANDS-ON Activity #5 And …. ACTION!

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Web marketing; Hands-on activity
Competitive Analysis for Shakr and Viddyad
Services and pricing
Shakr’s full set of services include the creation of ads and contents for clients, editing and previewing, at prices that are affordable for smaller marketing agencies. Prices range from $3 to $10 depending on the length of the video ad as required by the client.
It makes video ads affordable for anyone interested in advertising. It is simple software to use meant to meet advertising needs of businesses and companies of all capacities. There are professional skills in editing required to make an ad when using Shakr.
It favors mostly small-scale business people, therefore, cannot attract more big names of companies and organizations that need to advertise their businesses.
Services and pricing
Viddyad’s full set of services include distribution of video content directly from branded enterprises across digital channels, recreation and distribution of multiple video versions which maintain the tone and messaging of the brand and central management and customization of customers’ brand assets directly from advertiser’s dashboard. Prices range from $6 to $20 depending on the length of the video ad as required by the advertising agency (Hanratty,1).
The strengths of viddyad include the multichannel distribution of video content, the technology of automatic …

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