HANDS-ON Activity #3 Multi Channel Marketing Scavenger Hunt

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HANDS-ON Activity #3 Multi Channel Marketing Scavenger Hunt

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Multi-Channel Marketing Scavenger Hunt
Apple’s iPhone 5 was introduced on the market on September 2012. The company had to use various channels to introduce this new product to the potential customers. The advertisement was aired on network TV, Friday night in the United States. The Apple brand is well-known to everybody in the world that could be the reason they did not mind airing the advertisement at such odd hours when the TV viewership is usually low.
The iPhone 5 advertisement were titled “Thumb” because of a big screen; the organization was relating the size of the phone to one’s Thumb size (Johnson & Deanna 29).
Later that day, iPhone posted the video advertisement on YouTube. The advertisement seems clear showing a creation of the amazing performance of the iPhone. Youtube video appears with the integration of colors and a detailed picture of its unique features. Apple just added eight features of the iPhone 5 in the latest post on social media platforms. Michael Potuck sent the updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to update their loyal customers (Johnson & Deanna 28)
Apple Company utilized the availability of multi-channel to market its products. Up to date that has been the culture of the brand. A lot of other organizations are learning the same trend. This marketing strategy works effectively because it’s easy to reach many people all-around the world. Multi-channel is the way to go in marketing, it …

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