Handling conflict at work

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Handling conflict at work

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Handling Conflict at Work
Conflicts occur in the work environment regularly due to disagreements or conflicting instructions. The most common tension arises between the staff and supervisors when there are differences in work instructions and processes. This article indicates the mechanisms to address the conflicts to enhance the performance or outcome of the organization. There are two critical perspectives in the conflict resolution process.
The first perspective is that the low need-for-closure subordinates enjoy a flexible work environment that requires consensus building an agreement. Therefore, they prefer the soft power approach of the supervisor in addressing conflicts (Bélanger et al. 29). This method enables collective discussion and decision-making in the work environment between subordinates and supervisors. Also, the subordinates enjoy autonomy and can make important decisions at their level of work without consulting the supervisor.
The second perspective is that the high need-for-closure employees prefer to work in a company environment that has bureaucratic and autocratic decision-making processes. The work instructions flow from the management to the staff. Subordinates cannot question the decisions of the supervisor; their work is to implement the work instructions (Bélanger et al. 30). The harsh power tactics are appropriate during uncertainty in work processes, and when supervisor instructions …

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