Hand Hygiene Education

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Hand Hygiene Education

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Hand Hygiene Education
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Hand Hygiene Education
Part A: Healthcare Problem
Description. Healthcare-related infections and multidrug-resistant organisms often cause 67 percent of deaths witnessed in hospitals, homes, schools, and other community places, such as camps and orphanages. People die a day in day out because of the infections that they contract through unclean hands. According to Sharif, Arbabisarjou, Balouchi, Ahmadidarrehsima, Kashani (2016), these infections include but not limited to Hepatitis A, airborne illnesses, and nosocomial infections. They are spread through unclean hands.
Significance. In their study, Hagel, Reischke, Kesselmeier, Winning, Gastmeier, Brunkhorst, and Pletz (2015) found that hand hygiene is the best strategy to prevent the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms and healthcare-associated infections. Hand hygiene education entails informing people on the importance of maintaining hand hygiene and how to practice hand hygiene. Therefore, the primary significance of hand hygiene education is to reduce the prevalence of healthcare-associated infections by informing people about what it means to keep their hands clean.
Current Practice. The current practices for hand hygiene include the use hand gloves and proper hand washing. The practice necessitates proper hand hygiene before aseptic procedures, before touching a patient, after touching a patient, after body fluid exposure, or after touching pat…

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