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Half Blood Blues novel

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Half Blood Blues Novel
Half Blood Blues is a fictional novel composed by Esi Edugyan, who is a Canadian writer. The novel was published in 2011 by Serpent’s Tail, and it has had a major influence amongst most of its readers. Precisely, the book talks about Sidney Griffiths, who is a jazz bassist (Edugyan 6). The author narrates the story within a setting of the 18th Century to depict a sense of reality within the plot. In this story, Sidney Griffiths is the main character, and the narrator focuses on his experiences as he travels through Europe as a Jazz musician. Most of the events mentioned occur before the Great War.
This read comprises a well-narrated story about the experiences and tribulations of various characters. The author portrays Sidney Griffiths as a protector who later betrays his friend Hiero by hiding his visas, which results in his capture by the Nazis (Edugyan 116). Evidently, betrayal is one of the main themes discussed in the book. Another key theme discussed is on relationships established amongst the characters, both romantic and friendships. The author also highlights the theme of music by emphasizing on Griffiths’ love for Jazz Music. These themes are portrayed throughout the plot.
Half Blood Blues is a great lead that takes readers back to the 18th century. Despite publishing the book during the 21st Century, Edugyan successfully creates an atmosphere of an old setting. In my perspective, Edugyan managed to b…

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