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Week 4
In your opinion, in what (if any) circumstances can hacking be justified and why?
In some circumstances, hacking can be satisfied. Hackers have often claimed that they are helping showcase weakness in the computer systems. By hacking they will be helping secure information from damaging attacks. Hence hacking will be justified if the intention is to secure the company computer systems. Another reason why hacking will be justified is when the information which needs to be obtained is of national importance (Caldwell, 2011). Such information which is needed for national security reasons and the only way to it can be accessed is through hacking, this circumstance will warrant hacking as the only ways of accessing this information. Hacking will always help improve product quality, and also help expose criminal activities, such as corruption and various malpractices.
In your opinion, how far should a companies monitoring abilities extend over their employees? (Can they monitor emails, internet traffic, what about keystrokes, phone calls, etc.)
Monitoring employees is one of the major issues when it comes to human resources management. Companies have different ways of monitoring their employees; these include computer monitoring, spying, wiretapping and eavesdropping and video surveillance. Though critics have argued that monitoring can lead to abuses, breach of employee privacy. Employees should be monitored so that productivity i…

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