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Technology and Naval Commerce in the Last Decade
In the last decade, technology has advanced in many ways and hence causing businesses as well as other human activities to flourish (Woodford 10). What people felt hard to imagine could be among people in the society is now in our day to day activities. For instance, ten years ago people could only use letters for purposes of reaching others; it took a longer time to reach the recipient. No one could have imagined he/she can communicate other people around the world within a fraction of a second. Today, people are passing information and ideas to their friends, workmates and even families around the world through gadgets known as phones. Moreover, technology has led to the improvement of businesses. Naval commerce that has been helping many nations around the world to construct firearms; fighter ships and other water related fighters has advanced to an extent that many nations are enjoying due to the growing technology (Pryor 9). However; technology has impacted naval commerce in many ways in the last decade.
First, technology has boosted transport and communication that helps to link Naval Commerce with traders in all around the world (Lewis 14). A successful business is one that acts by creating a firm customer base. Naval businesses in all over the world want to partner with the most influential countries in the world. For instance, China has attracted the attention of many naval busine…

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