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Annotated Bibliography
Begiebing, Robert J. “The Mythic Hero in Wells, Hg The’time Machine’.” Essays In Literature 11.2 (1984): 201-210. The author depicts HG wells as a literary genius; well-endowed with the ability to breathe life into mythical characters in his works. Notably, the author focuses Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’ and its lead characters while addressing both adherents and critics alike; by clearly outlining instances of genius in Wells’ works and notable commentators who recognize Wells with accolades such as Evgeny Zamyatin and Jorge Luis Borges. The author goes ahead to outline the various characteristics of the mythical creatures as listed by Wells and the predictions brought forward by Wells on the possible destruction of the human race owing to its ‘selfishness’. However, the author fails to recognize any shortcomings occasioned by Well’s mundane state and possible misinformation on the mythical creatures, and approaches the literary works as though it were a scientific study.
Partington, John S. “HG Wells’s Eugenic Thinking of the 1930s and 1940s.” Utopian Studies 14.1 (2003): 74-81.The author highlights the drastic shift in ideology from social policy to class relations and attempts to rationalize this change. He asserts Wells’ view that man is the ultimate product of evolution and indeed gives evolution purpose. The author emphasizes Wells’ inclination towards negative eugenics, …

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