Gun Violence in the U.S.

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Gun Violence in the U.S.

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Positive Possibilities of Gun Violence in the U.S.
The public outcry against the persistence issue of gun violence in the U.S. is yet to compel legislators to seek a long-term solution to this menace. Despite multiple incidents of mass shooting in various places all over the country, gun control reform remains one of the hotly debated motions (Golshan and Nilsen 1). Each side of the divide has diverging opinions, and the ordinary folks have no one to fight for their rights. Americans ought to perceive the issue of gun violence from a different perspective. Gun violence has had American who want gun reforms thinking about other approaches to finding a long-term solution to gun violence.
The ignorance and neglect of some legislators towards the issue of gun violence are perplexing. Their efforts to bar introduction of reforms to the gun control law have paid off. However, this unites like-minded Americans to seek other options and means of protecting themselves, their loved ones and their property without relying on the legislators (Golshan and Nilsen 1). Instead, this has created a spirit of togetherness and cohesion. It is at such times that Americans ought to be united more than ever to address an issue that jeopardizes the security of the nation and its inhabitants.
It is with no doubt that Muslim extremists have been involved in the fatal terror attacks not only in the U.S. but various parts of the world. Ho…

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