Group Interactions

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Group Interactions

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Group Interactions
Group Interactions
When working in a group on matters pertaining change, a theoretical basis can prove valuable in identifying, analyzing, and solving problems in an otherwise complex circumstance. One such theoretical basis is the General systems theory. The account below provides a transitory discussion of at least four of the ten ‘General Systems Concepts’ with regard to small group interactions and their significance. Additionally, it will also touch on the particulars of The Johari Window model.
At a simple level, general systems theory can be explicated as bounded ‘elements’ which are interacting with each other. The elements come together to form a ‘system.’ Four of the ten elements in General Systems Theory of small group interaction include Input, Throughput, Output, and Cycles among others. Input denotes the raw material of interaction in a small group. Open systems have inputs that enter a system through the borders. Inputs can include information received externally. Inputs information can influence how the group performs a particular task (Tubbs, 2012).
Throughput, on the other hand, refers to the number of variables or material moving through a processing system. In this case, it is the inner influences described in a group structure. It includes all behavioral expressions that take place during a group dialog. It takes into account the process of generating and altering ideas in the course of a group exc…

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