Group Analysis

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Group Analysis

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Group Analysis
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A strong association between organization’s culture and group performance exist as caused by members’ personalities, weaknesses, and strengths. This is usually evident in the ways members in a group interact, and the ultimate results an organization achieves. At the lowest level, however, the key ingredients of such achievement include group members’ personalities, the system of beliefs, attitudes, and values, effective techniques for decision-making and leadership (Akdere, 2011). In this study, a practical group is analyzed in relation to its members’ behaviors, capabilities, and weaknesses. This will help in understanding the way organization change depends on group’ performance. Various theoretical concepts both form research and class discussions have been used to steer the arguments towards the study’s objective. Consequently, strong arguments have been achieved accompanied by recommendations for effective change implementation and group performance. The study concluded that individual’s personality, values, and attitude reinforced by effective techniques in decision making, conflict resolution, and planning are the key drivers for a sustainable organization culture.
Keywords: Organization culture, group dynamics, change implementation, group characteristic, decision-making, force field analysis, conflict resolution, background factors, leadership
Group Analysis
Organization performan…

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