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great managers

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A great manager
A manager as an individual charged with the responsibility of administering or controlling an organization. In the traditional sense, such a manager is also responsible for controlling resources. Simply put, a manger is a person with the accessibility of resources and responsible for the results that are yielded under their tenure. This paper explores the qualities of a great manager and what makes a great manager outstanding.
One of the major characteristics that describe a great manager is the possession of exemplary leadership quality. This quality is drawn from one’s ability to organize a group of people into doing something substantial and achieving laid down objectives. Often, managers are graded based on their ability to meet objectives of a certain organization. A great manager will seek not only to meet the expectations but to perform beyond expectation. Without good leadership skills and qualities it would be difficult to keep people in line with the aim of meeting set down standards. Therefore, good leadership skills are key for one to be described as a great manager.
Good conceptual skills can be used as a measure in rating great managers. Great managers are often keen to express this skill. A conceptual approach is a skill in which one explores and studies a complex problem and seeks uncomplicated ways to solve it. The systematic approach allows managers to enact measures that wil…

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