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Grammar observing

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Grammar of Observation
All writers prefer looking at an aspect in all possible points of view and would think of the possible ways of looking at something. They always try to see a given phenomenon that no one will notice or even remember when looking at something (Lohndal and Faarlund 14). When one looks at the subject differently from the usual way gives the observer an opportunity to understand the issue deeply than anyone else.
When looking at someone from the different point of view, one hopes to find something new in the subject. Looking keenly and in various aspects helps one to identify what more in the matter (Lohndal and Faarlund 16). For instance, careful looking helps in determining the intention of the person behind the objects. Serious observation helps one know to get the message one is trying to pass through the object.
Despite looking careful at the object, there are some challenges always incurred. The incurred problem is as a result of looking at the object from only one point of view (Thomas and Frajzyngier 16). When one goes with a fixed perspective about the purpose, it becomes difficult to see the subject in any other way or sense.
However, these challenges can be solved easily if the observer becomes creative. An observer should have many ideas that would help one see objects from different points of view (Thomas and Frajzyngier 16). Another way of aiding observation is by the observer being open minded. Being o…

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