GPS in cars

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GPS in cars

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GPS in Cars
Due to the developments achieved in the field of IT, some complex as well as cognitively demanding technologies has emerged in modern transportation. One of these systems is the use of global positioning system (GPS) technology. This is a navigation system that is used for continually broadcasting the position, time, and date. GPS receivers are attached to cell phones, vehicles, and other equipment on the ground and utilize information from satellite signals in calculating their locations. Currently, cell phones are equipped with GPS. This technology is currently use for tracking and cataloging people’s behaviors. However, this has remained a controversial issue with some people supporting it and others completely opposed to the idea of tracking with the use of the technology due to privacy issues (Brynjolfsson, 5).
The hardware software and telecommunication of a GPS
Telecommunications is a major industry that deals with the creation of hardware, production of software, and service provision. Hardware comprises some products that are created with the aim of facilitating communication, globally, as well as others such as telephone handsets, fiber-optic transmission cables, and video broadcasting satellites among others. Services such as enabling switches to run controlling the telephone systems, provision of access to the internet, and configuration of private networ…

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