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Government Representatives California

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Government Representatives – California
As a resident of the City of Riverside, California, at the local level, my representative comprises Jim Perry as a Democrat. Council member representing the Sixth Ward of the City of Riverside. Perry took office in 2013 and the current term ends in 2021 providing sufficient time for sufficient leadership (City of Riverside).
At the State level, my representatives include Jose Medina a Democrat serving at the State Assembly as the representative of District 61. Also, Richard D. Roth – Democrat serves as the State Senator representing District 31. The State representative has done a remarkable job in representing the people in this District effectively. I find them effective and critical in their leadership role (California Representatives).
At the Federal, in the U.S. House of Representatives – California’s 41 Congressional District is represented by Mark Takano – a Democrat. Takano has been in office since January 2013 with the current term bound to end at January 3rd, 2019. However, despite direct contact and interact with the Congressman, Takano’s leadership has shown exceptional traits with his recent campaign opposing the closure of Amtrak’s Reservation Facility. Furthermore, asserts profound leadership and vocal opposition to what he thinks is contrary to his values and potentially hurting the people (Takano).
The U.S. Senators representing the state of California include Senat…

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