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Governing Regulatory Documents

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Nuclear Operator Licensing
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A systematic approach to training in nuclear operation can be defined as a specific type of training offered or designed for only employees or workers of a specific company. These methodological training activities and approaches are intended to equip the company’s employees with relevant tools, skills, and knowledge to enable them to pursue the interests of the company with high competence and safety. For the case of Nuclear Operating Company, such training is intended to reduce the risks and accidents associated with various operations in the company like radioactive substances emission. The other advantage of such training in the company is the increased advancement and invention in technological devices apart from increasing the performance and safety of the tools and equipment and entire operation to the public health and the environment in general (Sainati, Locatelli & Brookes, 2015).
The nuclear operation is designed and operated in a way that would mitigate and prevent accidents from the emission of hazardous radiations and other materials. The nuclear operator creates several independent and redundant layers around the plant of defense meant to safeguard against both mechanical and human failures (Sainati, Locatelli, & Brookes, 2015). No single robust layer is relied on. Emergency response, physical barriers, access control and other diverse safety functions are employed.
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