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Google Technologoies

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Google Technologies under Research
Google is the largest information and communication technology organization in the world. The company engages in extensive research and development projects to create systems and products that improve daily communication activities and processes (Lu 2). The developments help the company gives its users the best opportunity to enhance their communication experience.
The Self-Driving Automobile
Self-driving automobiles can sense their environment and move with minimum or no input from human beings. Self-driving automobiles eliminate the need for human input in operating them, increasing convenience as they do not need to rely on a human schedule or energy, and make it possible for disabled and the elderly to drive themselves (Lu 4). However, they are associated with concerns such as traffic safety, environmental degradation, and reduced employment opportunities.
The Liftware Spoon
Mainly designed for patients experiencing tremors, the spoon reduces movements induced by tremors by close to 76%. When the patient tremors move their hand up, the spoon makes a downward countermotion to avoid spilling (Lu 7). The spoon reduces dependence among patients, improves their quality of life, and reduces the need for invasive and costly medical procedures to feed.
Modular Phones
The Company seeks to develop phones that make it possible for one to enhance or replace only those parts they desire. The …

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