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Google and Yahoo

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Google and Yahoo
For over a decade, the internet has become one of the vital factors in human life. The Internet has helped individuals and organizations find information and connect to the rest of the world. To do this, organizations and individuals must use search engines websites. Over the years, the two leading names that have emerged as the most famous in the world of internet search are Google and Yahoo. Each company has taken a different path with an aim to be the market leader in the search engine sector. However, there are numerous differences and similarities shared by these two companies which this paper seeks to discuss.
The first similarity that both Google and Yahoo share is that both offer free services to their respective users. Provided that an individual has an access to the sites, all they need to do to access the services is to log in. One of the services that both search engines have in common is a free web email. Also shared by both search engines is a communication platform that allows users to connect with others all over the world. While Google has Google Talk, Yahoo has Yahoo Messenger. Additionally, both engines have map features. More importantly, Stanford University Graduates founded both firms, and they are California-based public companies (Popali 1).
On the other hand, the two companies differ in many ways. The first distinction arises from the two sites’ home pages. While Google has a simple homepage that allow…

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