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Goodfellas is a film about a young man who had grown in the mob but works hard to advance to various ranks. Martin Scorsese directed the film; the screenwriters were Martin Scorsese and Nicholas Pileggi. This film is harkened back to the directors’ volatility towards men in urban centers.
At this time, largest robbery was witnessed on US soil. 11 mobsters were mainly associated with a Lucchese crime family. During this robbery incident, $5.875 million was stolen in cash and many jewels from New York’s international airport (Goodfellas, 19).
The mobsters the author watched from his Brooklyn home were the neighbor’s hotshots. Young Henry ran an errand for the wise guys and was eventually accepted in the family. Paul Cicero ran the gang, and it was known as sagacious oriental potentate, this was a mere gesture that sends chills’ down the spine to the street-hardened men (Goodfellas, 37).
The pals to Henry included James Conway who was the editor of the film. The film opens with the act of gruesome violence (Goodfellas, 1). Goodfellas leaped through tough times in the machine gun like bursts were witnessed during the crime period. Great soundtracks of the old rocks drive the film. Thelma Schoonmaker’s staccato editing powers gave each of the scenes a good humping and the restless movement. In addition, Michael Ballhaus work through the camera has made the film more fantastic.
Conclusively, the acting of this film…

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