Golgi apparatus

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Golgi apparatus

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Golgi Apparatus:
The Structure and Function of the Golgi apparatus
They are also known as the Golgi complex and represent a stack of flattened sacs found within cells of both plants and animals. They are pancake-shaped with a cavity known as cisternae. They provide a point of connection between the endoplasmic reticulum and the plasma membrane. They operate through the transfer of material from one side to the next from one sac to the next. Movement of products can also occur in a sac which then moves to the other side without transferring the material to other sacs along the way. Golgi apparatus are organelles found in eukaryotic cells. Its function is the packaging of proteins and other products in sacs called vesicles and moves them in different parts of the cell (Fox, & Rompolsk, 2018 p.61).
Understanding the structure and function of Golgi bodies is instrumental in understanding some aspects of the functioning of cells. More so the function of packaging products and the movement from different organelles to the outside of the cell is quite intriguing. Golgi bodies function as a transport system of proteins and other products within the cell.
Cells are building blocks of life, and this is based on their functioning based on the different unique organelles that they house. Golgi bodies are, therefore, part of a bigger function which is being units of life (Fox, & Rompolsk, 2018, p.62).
Golgi bodies are,…

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