Going green in Business

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Going green in Business

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Going green in Business
Going green in my business takes the meaning of not polluting the environment in any controllable means possible. As such, we do not use paper or keep it down to the absolute minimum. This is done by making receipts, memos and financial statements digital so that we do not have to use paper that will later be disposed of. The files are all kept in computers and backed up using the cloud. This is advantageous when it comes to space as well (Pratt Industries). The power backup system in case of blackouts is solar energy, which is obtained from three solar panels that send energy to batteries for storage and use in the event of emergencies. This is better than petrol generators which produce harmful gases that would pollute the environment is used.
The recommendations I would give them include practice a form of minimalism and regulate the lighting to the nighttime and only for a few hours. Not only is the natural daylight one of the best free sources of lighting when it comes to the office, and it would prove to improve the productivity of the employees. The air quality at the work area is also significant, so low-VOC paint and materials can be opted for as well as inadequate investment ventilation (Al Masri). There are small plants as well that can be included which would dot the office floors, and these have proven to be natural air filters.
Going green is becoming a hot topic because governm…

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