Gods friendship in a world of unfriendless

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Gods friendship in a world of unfriendless

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Human beings are more than their physical bodies; they have emotional parts, which correspond to their souls. Each person’s soul is unique in the world, and a friend becomes invaluable gift in every person’s life. A friend represents a physical embodiment of the affection of God to each. A friend provides an expansion of another’s capacity to experience love and offer a consistent reminder of the blessings of God. A true friend is one that can dint his or her essence on their person’s soul. True friendship holds even through the most difficult tests and periods and produces spasm of unspoken love that exists between the two. Throughout the various books in the Bible, humanity is constantly reminded of God’s friendship, a rather deep form of divine friendship, and the manner in which such is fostered throughout the life of an individual. The books tend to remind humanity that agape, God’s friendship with humanity is a robust form of affection and that such is worthy of attention and honor from every individual of faith. The purpose of this paper is to determine God’s friendship in a word filled with unfriendliness.
Characteristics of a True Friend
Friendship is a vital element in human life, and this paper can asserts that every person needs a friend or friends, and the term can e vague can may refer to acquaintances’ for instance Facebook frien…

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