God of the Oppressed

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God of the Oppressed

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Book Review: God of the Oppressed
In James Cone’s book, God of the Oppressed, the author describes the past event of the African-American struggle through the harsh reckoning. The book was first inscribed in 1975 providing a revelation on the theological position of the author towards the black theology during the era. Cone uses the book to give his doctrinal stand, experience, and view on the African American position on religion.
In the book, the author establishes two distinct social realities to foretell the shaping of his consciousness. The two realities are the black church experience and the socio-political meaning of white people (Cone 25). Herein, the theme of liberation, suffering, and scripture helps in detailing Cone’s viewpoint in this book. Cone outlines how the story of Exodus found in the scriptures connected them to God as he had delivered his people from oppression.
The book addresses the spiritual and entailed factors in its contents. These factors are the appropriate way to view oppressions by imagining oneself into the oppressed shoes in order to avoid making assumptions or enforcing beliefs that were contrary to the ideas of the receiver. The author distinctively indicates the basis of the construed book from the blacks’ perspective hence disregarding all sorts of theology that tarnish black spirituality.
The author’s main point of view is clearly stated in this book by illustrating …

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