Goals and aspirations

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Goals and aspirations

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Goals and Aspirations
Despite having experienced a difficult childhood in a single-parent family with limited resources, I have strived to make something of my life. In fact, I have received limited financial support from my father and have had to rely on my mother. This set of circumstances have occasioned my need for a scholarship to pursue a university education. Overall, I intend to apply the SMART system in the pursuit of my career as a marketer with an inclination towards arts, particularly design, creation and inspiration. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound, all concepts that make it possible to set achievable goals. In this paper, I will discuss my personal, academic, and goals goal, applying the SMART concept that I want to make as a student and in future after graduating with a marketing degree. This will also reflect on my philosophy of being the best that I can be in providing high-quality marketing services.
Personal goals
Applying the SMART system, my first personal goal is to excel academically by obtaining an average of 80% grade in all courses for the time that I will be attending the four-year marketing program in the university. In essence, as a student, I intend to obtain an 80% grade in all subjects, and excel in my academic performance, and complete my training on schedule. This will take commitment, personal dedication, and support fro…

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