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go movie theater alnog

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Sitting next to a strange couple in a movie theater made me experience some feelings. The couple seemed to be not in good terms with each other. The wife was very angry while the husband was trying very hard to treat her right. I assumed that the couple was fighting for a long time and they had decided to come to the movie theater as a way of reconciling and trying to see whether they can make their marriage better or no. However, I believe that it was not working since the wife was very angry for the whole time. The husband, on the other hand got tired of trying to please his wife thus he started concentrating more on others rather than on his own wife. He could even stare at other younger girls as they were getting in. The wife was not happy with that and she eventually left the theater.It made me feel like marriage is something that is very difficult. In most cases couples do not get along well and they are always angry at each other. They try making things better but they end up giving up when they realize that their efforts are not bearing any fruits. That made me fear of getting married. It will take me a long time to get married with someone since I know what it is about and how much effort it needs. I realized that marriage requires a lot of patience and understanding for it to work out. Therefore, I will ensure that I am able to understand and also be patient when I get myself into marriage.

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