Globalization process

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Globalization process

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Globalization is the process in which countries come together for reasons touching on economics, politics, and social matters. At the post World War Two, the second half of the twenty-first century saw globalization in the form of a tussle between two powerful blocs notably the western and the eastern bloc (Findlay et al. 2). In the Western bloc was the United States of America while at the eastern bloc was the Soviet Union. The basic struggle was the superiority race between the two world powers as the western bloc wanted the world economic order of capitalism while the eastern bloc championed social economy. Even though this tussle ended in 1991 as will be seen later, the world today is engaging in global movements and the institutions that existed at the period of cold war sure still operational but with robust changes.
Looking at the globalization in the second half of the twenty-first century, one needs introduced to the insight that there are benefits that the world realizes through good relations, for example, economic support from each other, military support when a member state is in some form of threat, and political support interns of ideas to help in restoring peace whenever member state experiences internal peace instability. Due to this background we want to look at some of the changes globalization has taken and its impacts
Globalization has been revitalized through the exploit of technology (Urry, P.15). The society uses Internet for the exchange of…

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