Global warming/ mosquito deaseas do to global

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Global warming/ mosquito deaseas do to global

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Effects of global warming on mosquito population
Scientists today have greatly drawn their focus on the effects of global warming. This is so since the United States of America failed to support the Kyoto Protocol, which was written with an aim to prevent the emission of the so-called greenhouse gases. The most likely effect of increasing the earth’s temperature, however, small the increase is, leads to rising in the levels of the ocean waters due to the melting of the ice from the Polar Regions, storm changes, land parching and drought and flood patterns. Climatologists are the most likely people to be heard discussing the same but currently the biologists are now discussing this issue but with a different dimension that shows a certain disastrous effect (Jones, 25).
In the past, not so many years the discussion about global warming and the potential impacts on illnesses like dengue fever and malaria in temperate areas and the tropics has increased. Many scientists indeed find out that global warming leads to the spread of certain vector-borne diseases and malaria. This is explained that global warming disturbs certain equilibrium, and this contributes to new malaria epidemics, encephalitis and yellow and dengue fever. An extremely complex ecology is evident in vector-borne diseases, and this leads to the transmission that eventually leads to the production of diseases (Ramasamy, 39). The sustained malaria outbreaks caused by Anopheles m…

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