Global Value Chain Team Communication Challenge

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Global Value Chain Team Communication Challenge

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Global Value Chain Team Communication Challenge
Name Institution Affiliation Global Value Chain Team Communication Challenge
Global teams have incorporated the concept of members engaging in projects with limited or no direct physical interaction with each other. It’s a major driving force in globalization and it promotes integration. Managers in charge of such teams face stiff challenges due to the diversity of parties involved in terms of location, language, and race as stipulated in McDonough et al., (2000). Communication is a vital tool in managing any global team from the onset of any project. It’s a fundamental tool that assists in maximizing benefits and minimizing risks associated with global value chains. Embracing technology allows for not only efficient but effective communication thus ensuring all stakeholders succeed in their roles.
Question 1
In line with Govindarajan and Gupta (2001) claims, the use of technology is an important way of building an effective global team. The types of technologies used in global teams include coordination tools, communication tools, and information repositories. Group calendars go a long way to assist members in the coordination of meetings to know when they should all avail themselves. Other tools include awareness tools that keep members on toes on what their colleagues are working on. Communication tools include email and texting each other or the entire group especially for quick questions and organizing meetings….

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